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COMING SOON: The Servile State by Hilaire Belloc

Everybody wants to read more, and everyone has reasons why they can’t- work, family, video game addiction- everyone has their reasons, some more valid than others.

It’s not quite the same as regular reading, but audiobooks are an effective and increasingly popular way to get the same information you’d find in a book in a more versatile medium.

After seven years of experience in broadcasting, podcasting, and video production, I’ve decided to begin publishing audiobooks.

I will be focusing on titles with dissident political and/or historical significance.

This site will serve as central hub for my audiobook productions. I am working on my own productions of materials in the public domain. Additionally, I am in touch with multiple publishers about producing modern and upcoming titles.

My first self-published production will be The Servile State, written in 1912 by French-English author Hilaire Belloc. The book details the struggle between capitalism and Bolshevism, his argument that socialist “revolutionaries” ultimately aid the capitalist class, and the case that a third position is the only way to reign in the power of capital while empowering the working class.

I am currently producing this title. It will be available for download in October 2021. I will provide a definitive release date once production is completed. Thanks for visiting the site!

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